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Fire Extinguisher Services in Tiki Island, TX

Fire Extinguisher Houston, a Alif Security company, has been serving Texas since 2000. We provide full-service fire alarm systems to the churches, schools, day care centers, dental and vision centers, retail shopping centers, office buildings, hotels and motels in the greater Houston area and in the state of Texas. We also monitor Fire Extinguisher Systems and sprinkler systems in your Tiki Island and nearly areas.

At Fire Extinguisher Houston, we are qualified to install, service, test and monitor the fire alarm systems we design. By working with us for your commercial fire alarm needs, you will know that only highly trained professionals are handling your fire alarm system.

We are offering various types of fire extinguishers for sales to our customers to choose from to fit their specific needs in Houston, TX.

The replacement of a fire extinguisher depends on the type of extinguisher. We are providing the fire extinguisher replacement service by our well-trained expert.

In every year, it’s compulsory to inspect fire extinguishers at least once a year and we are responsible to do the job perfectly by qualified professionals every year.

To keep your institutions like schools up to the safety mark and prepared to handle an emergency fire, it’s important to recharge or refill your extinguishers at the exact period of time.

Fire alarm system installation, inspection, or repair services

Fire alarm system installation, inspection, or repair services in Tiki Island, TX

Fire alarm system is your first response system for helping you and the people in your residential or commercial building escape safely and quickly from an emergency situation.

We want to make sure your building in Tiki Island, Texas is always kept safe from fire danger. We provide fire protection services throughout the area, including:

If you need commercial fire alarm system installation, inspection, or repair services in Tiki Island, Texas. Please call 832-626-7837 or contact us today!

Reviews From Our Customers

My security system was installed within a few hours. It was a fast installation. The installer showed how to use the system thoroughly and I am very happy with the system.

Routine inspection and maintenance services free you from the extra hassle of doing it yourself.

A whole bunch of packages to clear off any fire and safety-related issues.

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