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Class C Type Fire

Class C Type Fire Extinguisher in Houston, TX

In Houston city, there are many commercial areas where the use of electricity is very common. Electrical fires can become very dangerous and require proper handling of the extinguisher. You must know the fire classifications for the fire safety plans.

A high chance of fire can break out in commercial settings where electrical, chemical, and flammable liquid is available which can help a fire to burn more. Class C fires, also known as electrical fires which require Class C fire extinguishers.

What are Type C Fires?

Type ‘‘C’’ fire is the fire created from any electrical element. An electrical component can be connected to a power source. Class C fires may be started from loose wiring, a short circuit, damage to power cords, overloaded electrical supply, overheated or overcharged battery, generator or devices, etc.

As long as the equipment is connected to its power source, it acts as a continuous ignition source. Water and water-based extinguishing agents cannot be used on type ‘‘C’’ fire as they conduct electrical current, water can be dangerous as water conducts electricity.

Class C-type fire extinguishers will not conduct electricity. But first and the most important task is to disconnect the power source before fighting the fire. If removing the power source is not possible then you must use the class c fire extinguisher.

Extinguishers Used to Put Out Class C Type Fire

Extinguishers Used to Put Out
Class C Type Fire

Class C extinguishers use elements that are capable of separating the elements of the fire trio; fuel, heat, and oxygen. Unless you are using an extinguisher that can handle multiple classes, you must use a type C fire extinguisher only.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) prevents fire by eliminating oxygen. They also reduce the fire’s heat because the nature of carbon dioxide is very cold. Class C type fire extinguishers contain ammonium phosphate, potassium bicarbonate, or potassium chloride which are suitable for preventing Class C type fires.

Dry Chemical

Dry Chemical

Dry Chemical extinguishers work by interrupting the chemical reaction at work in the fire trio. The regular dry chemical extinguisher is rated for both Class C and B fires.

Clean Agent

Clean Agent

The halocarbon agents used as clean agent extinguishers are effective on Class C and B fires (depending on the size of the fire and extinguisher).

Similar to dry chemical extinguishers, the clean agents work by reducing the fire trio chemical reaction removing the fire’s heat.

The key difference between a clean agent and a dry chemical is that the clean agent leaves no remaining and can be used in difficult-to-see and hard-to-reach areas.

Water Mist

Water Mist

The water mist extinguisher is a developed version of a regular extinguisher that can extinguish electrical hazards without the risk of electrical shock. These extinguishers work by removing the heating element of the fire trio. Water mist is classified for both A and C fires.

The reason these can be used on Class C fires is that the extinguisher used deionized water which does not conduct electricity.

In this extinguisher, water is supplied as a mist and not a stream which enhances the cooling and soaking characteristics and reduces the burning.

Fire extinguishers of any type can only work to extinguish a fire when used properly. It is important to review fire extinguisher instructions regularly to your family so that they can know about its proper use. Make sure to test your fire extinguisher after every 3 months to ensure it’s in proper working condition. For any help contact us or visit our website.

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