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Class D Type Fire in Houston, TX

Class D Type Fire in Houston, TX

Customizing solutions to your specialized safety and budget requirements, Fire Extinguisher Houston provides strong fire protection services for families, business owners, and properties around Houston and beyond.

After checking out your vulnerability to fire, smoke, and life safety risk, our experts install and maintain fire extinguishers. Ensuring your safety, we also perform routine maintenance and inspections that safeguard your system’s operation and longevity.

A Class D fire occurs in the presence of burning metals. However, some certain metals are flammable and examples of combustible metals include sodium, potassium, uranium, lithium, plutonium, and calcium, with the most common Class D fires involving magnesium and titanium.

Class D fire only occurs for burning metals, extreme heat is required to ignite most combustible metal, once a fire has been ignited it moves quickly and easily spreads and develops, making them incredibly dangerous and destructive. Meanwhile, sodium is a highly reactive element that immediately burns when in contact with air or water, resulting in explosions and making it particularly hazardous.

Extinguisher Used To Put Out Class D Type Fire

There is only one type of fire extinguisher used to control the combustible metal fire. Dry powder fire extinguisher is required to douse the blaze. Water and other common fire extinguisher methods can make metal fires worse.

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

Class D fire extinguishers only accept dry powder agents to mitigate the flames and absorb heat. Let’s make clear about the “dry powder” agent used in Class D fire extinguishers, so do not confuse “dry chemical” and “dry power”. Chemicals like sodium carbonate, sodium chloride, bicarbonate, graphite, and salt are most commonly used to extinguish metal fires.

Class D Type of Fires & Safety Tips While Using Fire Extinguishers

Class D Type of Fires & Safety Tips While Using Fire Extinguishers
  • Usually this types of events occur in chemical processing and scientific fields and rarely happen outside of these.
  • To control Class D fire never use water or similar liquids because it may cause a explosion or creating greater denger further.
  • Dry powder agents are the most effective extinguishing materials for Class D fires because they require no water and work by removing off a fire's oxygen supply.
  • Use essential fire protection to to protect your property and people against the risks of these fires.

We are offering you 24/7 beck. Our company provides business entities Class D Type Fire Extinguishers that can help effectively put out small to medium range fires.

To keep down the damages of your business, these helpful extinguishers are highly recommended to all business owners running their state-of-art facilities in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Cleveland, Austin, and all other service areas covering Greater Texas.

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My security system was installed within a few hours. It was a fast installation. The installer showed how to use the system thoroughly and I am very happy with the system.

Routine inspection and maintenance services free you from the extra hassle of doing it yourself.

A whole bunch of packages to clear off any fire and safety-related issues.

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