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Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers in Houston, TX

Dry chemical extinguishers put out fires by separating the fuel from the oxygen in the air by coating it with a thin layer of dust. These extinguishers are particularly effective at putting out the fire because the powder works to block the chemical reaction of fire.

In the Houston area, we provide installation, refill, and inspection services.

What is it used for?

What is it used for?

Class A, B, and C flames can all be extinguished with a dry chemical portable fire extinguisher. Wood, paper, textiles, rubbish, volatile substances, and powered electrical equipment can all be cleaned using these units.
The following types of fire dangers and hazards are protected by the Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher:

Class A –Wood, paper, fabric, plastic, and rubber goods are common flammable materials.
Class B –Fires containing combustible volatile liquids such as gasoline, oil paint, and solvents are classified.
Class C –Electrically Energized Equipment such as motors, switchboards, and electrical appliances are used as the ignition source in fires.

What is it used for?

What types of fires do they work well with?

ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers can be used to safeguard a wide range of places, including offices, retail stores, industrial complexes, factories, building sites, and even cars.

Dry chemical fire extinguishers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

What types of fires do they work well with?

Dry chemical fire extinguishers are foam-filled and nitrogen-pressurized fire extinguishers that contain a variety of dry chemicals. The following are examples of different types of dry chemical fire extinguishers:

Monoammonium phosphate

Monoammonium phosphate extinguishers, often known as ABC or multi-purpose fire extinguishers, can put out Class A, B, and C fires.

Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), one of the most common dry chemical fire extinguishing chemicals, may be used on class B and C fires and was the first dry chemical agent ever manufactured.

Potassium bicarbonate (Purple-K)

Purple-K is a fire extinguisher for Class B and C flames. Purple-K is preferred by the oil and gas industry and is the only dry chemical agent licensed for use in ARFF. It has twice the extinguishing efficiency of sodium bicarbonate (Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting).

Potassium bicarbonate and urea complex (Monnex/Powder)

On Class B and C fires, Monnex is routinely utilized. Because of its capacity to break down into smaller particles in the flame zone, it is more effective than any other dry chemical powder at creating a wider surface area for fire suppression.

Service of fire extinguisher Houston.

If your fire extinguishers need to be serviced, our certified fire engineers will come to your location at a time that is convenient for you. Contact us right away to schedule a visit and determine your next steps.

Call fire extinguisher Houston if you need more information about any type of dry chemical fire Extinguishers or if you need new fire extinguishers installed in your building in the Houston, Texas, area. For businesses in the Houston area, our company provides complete fire extinguisher services. If you need installation, sales, inspection , or refills for your dry chemical fire extinguishers.

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