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Fire Extinguisher Sales Services in Houston, TX

Fire extinguishers may appear to be an odd purchase for your building or property—they are among the most vital items you may have in your facility, but they're something you buy hoping you'll never need them!

When purchasing a fire extinguisher, check sure it is the correct size and kind for your structure. Before purchasing fire extinguishers, we recommend conducting research to guarantee that they will provide the appropriate amount of protection for your facility, personnel, and assets.

Call our specified company today if you're ready to get a fire extinguisher in Houston, Texas! We can help you make sure you have enough of the right sort of fire extinguisher installed throughout your building or workplace. To speak with one of our fire protection experts, contact us today.

If you want to outfit and defend your entire facility, we also sell fire extinguishers wholesale.

How do we go about selling a fire extinguisher?

How do we go about selling a fire extinguisher?

When purchasing a fire extinguisher, the most crucial consideration is the type of fire for which the extinguisher is built. The following are the many fire classifications:

  • Class A. Wood, cloth, paper, plastic, and other materials
  • Class B. Combustible liquids, such as gasoline, are classified
  • Class C. Electrical fires involving wires and appliances are classified
  • Class D. Metals that are combustible (usually found in laboratories)
  • Class K. Kitchen fires are classified (grease, hot oils, etc.)ABC fire extinguishers are the most commonly sold fire extinguishers and will put out most fires seen in ordinary office buildings throughout Houston.
fire extinguisher must be justified

Also, the size of the fire extinguisher must be justified.

These figures will tell you how much fire the fire extinguisher can put out. The smallest fire extinguisher that can be used is 2A10BC; however, they can go much bigger! The size of the fire extinguisher you should purchase is mostly determined by the size of the space you wish to protect, however, keep in mind that bigger (but not massive) is usually better when purchasing a fire extinguisher. Whenever it comes to fire safety, you can never be too cautious!

Fire Extinguishers: Disposable vs. Rechargeable

Fire Extinguishers: Disposable vs. Rechargeable

After you've decided on the number of fire extinguishers you want, you'll need to select whether you want a disposable or rechargeable extinguisher. Disposable fire extinguishers are often composed of plastic and are the most affordable alternative. They are not rechargeable, and after roughly 12 years, they begin to lose pressure and must be changed if your structure is to remain secure.

Rechargeable fire extinguishers are far more lasting and, if maintained properly, can last for years. Whatever type you choose, make sure the fire extinguisher is serviced annually by a reliable fire protection services provider; this is the only way to ensure the fire extinguisher will always help you stay safe.


100% certified or not?

Make sure that the fire extinguisher you choose is either FM or UL certified. Only with an FM or UL certification can you be sure that your fire extinguisher will defend you anytime you need it. Every fire extinguisher offered by our company is certified, ensuring that you receive the best possible protection. Call the specialists at our company now if you're ready to acquire a fire extinguisher for your Houston, Texas area building and need assistance picking the proper model!

Our customer service policy

Our customer service policy is as follows:

We cover all areas of fire extinguisher installation and service and can provide new units quickly and effectively, as well as replace existing units at competitive prices. We take pleasure in providing excellent service to both new and existing customers and uphold the following values:

  • Open and honest communication at all times, including during any work or quote.
  • We offer no-obligation quotes.
  • We try to save money for our customers whenever possible.
  • All parts, materials, and labor are covered for 24 months.
  • Service level agreements are strictly adhered to.
  • We're small enough to offer a dependable and affordable service.
  • We pay attention to our customers' needs and provide the best options.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and repair services on a wide range of life safety systems to the property owner or site manager. We offer a variety of maintenance contract agreements based on our clients' demands, which we can customize to the unique site.
We provide emergency and repair services
We provide emergency and repair services for all types of fire extinguisher systems, including:
  • System types include wet, dry, pre-action, and deluge fire protection.
  • Systems for fire pumps, standpipes, and fire alarms
  • Our specialists have fully equipped service cars and are available for emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can handle most fire alarm systems and other forms of special hazard systems.
  • Our Service Department is particularly proud of its ability to work in inhabited spaces with minimal disruption to the customer's business and staff. We can also work "off hours" to accommodate tenants or the general public.
  • Our Service Department is available to assist you with emergency situations, special projects, tenant repairs, and installs.

The fire extinguisher company service package for your firm in Houston, Texas, should be adequate.

  • Tests
  • Replacement
  • Repairs
  • As well as recharging

Reviews From Our Customers

My security system was installed within a few hours. It was a fast installation. The installer showed how to use the system thoroughly and I am very happy with the system.

Routine inspection and maintenance services free you from the extra hassle of doing it yourself.

A whole bunch of packages to clear off any fire and safety-related issues.

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