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Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher Install- Refill -Inspection Service in Houston, TX

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher is the only fire extinguisher that is perfectly designed to use for kitchen fires. The other fire extinguishers are not recommended to use in the kitchen where there is an existence of oil and fat.

Get wet chemical fire extinguisher to stay protected from selected fire hazards.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher Installation in Houston, TX

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher Use

Class A & F fires are the most suitable case to use the wet chemical extinguisher. Let’s have a look at what substance flames what type of fire.

Class A fires: Flammable materials like paper, plastics, fabrics, wood, etc. are involved in this case.

Class F fires: Fire caused by cooking oils and fats from the kitchen are normally called Class F fires. The wet chemical fire extinguisher is largely used for this case. That’s why this type of extinguisher is also called a Class F fire extinguisher.

In addition, some wet chemical fire extinguishers are also given clearance to use for class B fires. Please consult with our expert team before this type of use.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers needs

Who needs it?

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers are specially made for kitchen fire caused by oils, butter, or fats used for cooking. So, in the places where oil and fatty substances exist you should keep this type of fire extinguisher. Some places are:

  • House kitchen
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel Kitchen
  • Burger shop
  • Super shop
Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher is Not Applicable

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher is Not Applicable For

  • Class B fire: Fires that contain flammable liquids.
  • Class C fire: It is caused by flammable gasses & electrical components.

Check our other fire extinguisher products for class B & C fires.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher Service in Houston, TX

What Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher Contains?

A solution of potassium is the chemical element that is contained in this fire extinguisher. It works in two steps. First of all, the mist cools the fire and stops the fire from spreading by lowering the temperature. Secondly, it reacts with hot cooking oil to create a soapy substance through the saponification process. The soapy foam acts as a barrier between fat and oil and thus extinguishes the fire flame.

Fire Extinguisher Service in Houston, TX

Every person should keep a wet chemical fire extinguisher near the kitchen for safety concerns.

If you need any kind of fire extinguish-related services, contact us without any hesitation. We provide multiple services e.g., fire extinguisher installation, inspection, refill, maintenance and testing, sales and support for your maximum protection.

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