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Different types of Fire

Different Types of Fire | Fire Protection Services in Houston, Texas

Fire incident is a recurrent event in Houston, Texas that can be devastating, burning, injuring and even killing people. It also damages buildings and equipment, furthermore, Interrupts business activities. Definitely, fire protection is the best answer to make sure that fire doesn't impact your safety as well as your business.

Yet you have to be cautious and always be prepared to deal with fires if they do happen. According to the fire departments of Texas, in that region, a fire incident occurs every seven minutes.

If a fire does start, it can spread as quickly as you don’t think. Thus, it is important to know how to attack a fire before it grows. It isn't always easy. Fire has classification based on its different hazards and risks, not every fire is the same causality or impact.

If you make a mistake to figure out actual types of fire, fire extinguishers too could do more harm than good. There are 5 different classes of fire, and each should be attacked in a different way.

Class A (Solids)

Class A fires are fires involving easily combustible materials such as cloths, wood, paper, rubber, and many plastics. This sort of fuel could be paper or paper-related materials for example cardboard, common in offices and manufacturing. It could be furniture since it is made of wood, or fixtures and fittings.

In every household, solids are common types of fuel you find in every corner of your house and one that is hard to eliminate. Good housekeeper should keep away the materials like packaging and waste, minimising risks.

Know the extinguishers you can use for fire type A

Class B (Liquids)

Class B fires are fires that involve flammable liquids such as petroleum, paint, alcohol, solvent, oil and tar, etc. Many of the fluids, liquids and chemicals contain high carbon content that is highly combustible, used in workplaces can be flammable or explosive.

As stated in the statistics, you would be anxious to know that in recent years flammable liquids accounted for approximately 2 or 3% of fires, but a massive number of fatalities. So these types of fires are more deadly than the others, now the question is how can you protect your house or business?

Know the extinguishers you can use for fire type B

Class C (Gases)

Class C fires are fires identified by the presence of gases. The most common flammable gases are natural gas, LPG or other types of gases forming an explosive atmosphere.

Using natural gas is an inevitable material for a large number of people in texas while working with gas is dangerous, and increases fire risk.

The best method of applying extinguishers can be used on class C gas fires, the only safe method to attack this type of fire is to cut off the gas supply.

Know the extinguishers you can use for fire type C

Class D (Metals)

Class D involves only the burning metals, some types of metal can be, like sodium, potassium, uranium, lithium, plutonium and calcium, which are also good conductors, helping a fire spread.

This type of fire no longer sustains for a long time but destroys surrounding materials. Water behaves in the opposite manner as an accelerant on metal fires, thus how would you tackle a class D fire?

Know the extinguishers you can use for fire type D

Class K (Cooking Fats & Oils)

Class K fire involves ignition of fat or cooking oil though is technically a subclass fire because they're the cause of flammable liquids or gases, this type differs from conventional fires because they burn at incredibly higher temperatures.You should be aware of leaving food or frying equipment unattended during use.

Know the extinguishers you can use for fire type F

The Importance of Fire Extinguisher

Hence if the fire event causes a fatal result, to protect the safety of whether it is a residential house or commercial building, fire extinguishers are extremely important as they are the most commonly used for fire protection. Of course, a fire extinguisher is not able to control or eliminate the large scale fire rather small scale, even though it is an important component to keep you safe during a fire emergency.

Proper understanding of using a fire extinguisher would reduce the risk before spreading the fire on a large scale.Nothing to worry about since we have your back 24/7. Our company provides class A to class F type fire extinguishers that help effectively put out small to medium range fires.

These beneficial extinguishers are highly recommended to all business owners running their state-of-art facilities in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Cleveland, Austin, and all other service areas covering greater Texas.

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